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Gain insight through our range of sensing products

and make your business perform better.

Why us

iFings is a proudly South African IOT platform which combines custom engineered hardware with robust, cloud-based software to offer your business a premium sensing solution.


Our system is designed to deliver true insights in real time. You can decide what to monitor and when to be alerted, putting you in control.


Modular integration with multiple sensor and business logic allows greater value and decision-making to the overall solution.


iFings data can be tracked and monitored online on any web-enabled device, allowing you to view and respond to events as they happen.


Our devices communicate over our own wireless RF mesh network. This reduces cost and offers improved network reliability and uptime.

Real-time alerts

Information when you need it. Our systems translate and present data in real time and alert you as soon as a problem arises.

Custom hardware

We engineer our own hardware, allowing us to provide you with devices that are optimal and more efficient than third-party devices.


Our back-end enables API integration, allowing businesses to hook data into any existing Business Intelligence solutions they have available.


Your data is always available from any connected device through our desktop and mobile apps, allowing you to stay up to date.


Click on any of the devices in our catalogue for more information. We are constantly expanding our range of sensing devices. Contact us to find out which new iFings devices are being developed and how they can help your business perform better.


Our beautifully designed web-based software runs on all platforms, allowing you to access your iFings data on the go.

View sensing data in real time

Manage hardware status remotely

Perform rule-based insight tracking

Receive instant notifications

Manage multiple locations

Create custom reports


iFings has racked up some impressive numbers so far, illustrating our expertise in handling big data efficiently and reliably.

Devices monitored
Gigabytes of data processed
Records saved


If you have any questions or you would like to find out how iFings can benefit your business, give us a call. You can also contact us by email and we'll get back to you.