Encourage your shoppers to stay longer and spend more money by providing them with a comfortable shopping environment. Our smart IoT solutions can also help you reduce energy consumption.

What we can help with

Customise retail lighting

Our IoT solutions help you to ensure optimal lighting and create custom lighting displays in any area of your store to enhance the effectiveness of your promotions.

  • Improve safety
    Improve safety

    Our sensing devices will alert you to any unusual or suspicious movement detected in restricted areas, enabling you to respond to unauthorised access immediately to prevent theft.

  • Prevent spoilage
    Prevent spoilage

    With iFings, you don’t have to worry about temperature-sensitive products going to waste. Our monitoring solutions alert you in real time about temperature and humidity changes, allowing you to take action before it can lead to costly product spoilage.

  • Reduce energy consumption
    Reduce energy consumption

    We’ll help you contribute to your environment and reduce your store’s carbon footprint from the moment our devices are installed. Make sky-high electricity bills a thing of the past by monitoring your electricity usage and setting up a customised schedule to remotely switch appliances, air-conditioning units and lights on or off.

How it works

  • Temperature and 
humidity sensor
    Temperature and humidity sensor

    Measure temperatures in freezers, fridges and the ambient environment from -40°C up to 55°C and relative humidity up to 80% to ensure optimal conditions for your stock and customers.

  • Contact sensor
    Contact sensor

    Monitor up to four* security gates, windows or doors in your store and receive instant alerts when these are opened.

    *Dependent on a cable length of up to 2 metres.
  • Motion sensor
    Motion sensor

    Using passive infrared technology, our motion sensors will sense and alert you to human movement at distances of up to 12 meters away.

  • Ambient light sensor
    Ambient light sensor

    Our ambient light sensors carefully monitor the lighting in your environment and will let you know if any of the lights in your store are turned off or not working.

  • Smart plug
    Smart plug

    Track the power consumption of any device in your store by connecting your appliance to the iFings smart plug. We’ll send you real-time statistics of the device’s power consumption and enable you to turn devices on or off remotely.

  • Alarmwatch

    Our Alarmwatch will alert you to any security breaches and the zones breached as detected by your alarm so that you can take targeted action immediately, no matter where you are.

  • RGBW Controller
    RGBW Controller

    Create the perfect lighting conditions in your store with our RGBW controller. Seamlessly monitor and control LED strips from any web-enabled device, change the LED colour to match your marketing campaigns, and turn lights on or off remotely.

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