Meat Processing

Keep your meat products fresh and safe with iFings’ IoT solutions. Easily prevent product spoilage and ensure food safety compliance to ensure a spotless reputation for your facility.

What we can help with

  • Improve inventory management
    Improve inventory management

    If meat production exceeds the cold storage space available, it will lead to spoilage and costly losses. Our product counting and classification solutions simplify the stock calculation process to ensure zero losses due to product counts that exceed the available cold storage space.

  • Prevent food spoilage
    Prevent food spoilage

    When refrigeration units break down for any length of time, it could have a catastrophic effect on your facility’s ability to meet supply and demand. Monitor temperature and humidity and receive alerts in real time if any abnormalities that could affect meat quality are detected.

  • Improve security
    Improve security

    Protect your stock and equipment by monitoring access points. Be alerted to unusual or suspicious movement detected in restricted areas so that you can respond to theft immediately.

  • Identify mechanical malfunctions
    Identify mechanical malfunctions

    Equipment malfunctions can lead to lost production hours. Be alerted immediately if there are any sudden changes in vibration in your equipment, which may indicate impending mechanical malfunctions so that you can take action before it affects your business.

  • Monitor power consumption
    Monitor power consumption

    Monitor your facility’s energy usage and keep track of power consumption statistics to make your facility more energy efficient.

How it works

  • Product counting
    Product counting

    Our product counting and classification solution uses sophisticated barcode detection technology to automate the identification, classification and counting of products on the production line to ensure you stay on top of supply and demand.

  • Temperature and humidity sensor
    Temperature and humidity sensor

    Measure and monitor temperatures as low as -40◦C and relative humidity up to 100% inside your refrigerators and freezers to ensure that all equipment is in working condition and the environment is conducive to keeping your meat products safe for human consumption.

  • Motion sensor
    Motion sensor

    Identify unauthorised access to restricted areas within your facility and receive alerts in real time when unauthorised movement is detected.

  • Vibration sensor
    Vibration sensor

    iFings’ vibration sensors will let you know if the vibration patterns of refrigeration equipment change, indicating possible mechanical failure.

  • Power switch
    Power switch

    Receive instant alerts with iFings’ power switch devices, which monitor essential equipment and send you alerts the moment they are turned off or lose power.

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