Streamline your production line, increase quality control and ensure optimal environmental conditions in your facility so that you have more time to focus on meeting your production targets.

What we can help with

  • Detect mechanical 
    Detect mechanical breakdowns

    Equipment breakdowns can lead to significant costs and lost production hours. Receive alerts to any sudden deviation in voltage or vibrations in your equipment, which could indicate impending mechanical failure.

  • Monitor generator 
diesel levels
    Monitor generator diesel levels

    Backup generators are crucial to keep your production line moving during power outages. With iFings, you will know before your generators run out of diesel so that production can continue uninterrupted.

  • Reduce shrinkage
    Reduce shrinkage

    Theft is a leading cause of stock loss in the manufacturing industry, and even petty theft can quickly add up to major financial losses. Monitor your facility for unauthorised access to areas where stock is kept and human interference on the production line.

  • Increase safety
    Increase safety

    Manufacturing floors can be fraught with safety risks, which makes it crucial for high-risk areas to be monitored effectively. We’ll alert you immediately when unauthorised personnel are detected in restricted areas before it can lead to injuries.

  • Keep stock stable
    Keep stock stable

    By monitoring the temperature and humidity in your storage areas, iFings can help ensure the perfect environmental conditions to keep your stock stable and fit for sale.

  • Optimise the backflushing 
    Optimise the backflushing process

    Automate data aggregation and automatically pull production data into your ERP system so that you can calculate production expenses and inventory costs more efficiently.

  • Improve inventory 
    Improve inventory management

    Our product counting and SKU classification solutions help simplify stock calculation, so you’ll always know how much stock you have on hand.

  • Enhance SKU classification
    Enhance SKU classification

    Accurately identify multiple stock-keeping units on the production line even when multiple different products are being produced, to ensure you stay informed on how much stock you have on hand.

  • Increase employee 
    Increase employee efficiency

    Employees may become prone to errors when it is too hot or cold on the manufacturing floor. Maximise employee efficiency and ensure occupational health and safety by receiving alerts to temperature and humidity levels outside the norm to ensure work environments are conducive to safe, comfortable and productive employees.

  • Detect water leaks
    Detect water leaks

    Water leaks can damage your infrastructure and bring production to a halt—but with iFings, it doesn’t have to. Our sensitive leak detection sensors will alert you to leaks in your facility before they can lead to expensive repairs or downtime.

How it works

  • Vibration sensor
    Vibration sensor

    Heavy machinery such as generators create vibration, and changes to vibration patterns could indicate mechanical issues. iFings vibration-sensing technology helps you monitor the status of your machines and will alert you as soon as vibrational changes suggest impending equipment failure.

  • Product counting and 
    Product counting and classification

    We use the latest image recognition technology to count and classify products on the production line, even when multiple stock-keeping units are produced simultaneously. Because human error is eliminated and product counts are automated, the potential for theft is greatly reduced.

  • High-temperature sensor
    High-temperature sensor

    Measure short-term temperatures of up to 450°C and long-term temperatures up to 400°C in liquids, ovens and sensitive mechanical areas of machinery prone to overheating.

  • Motion sensor
    Motion sensor

    iFings’ motion sensors will detect and alert you to human movement in restricted or high-risk areas so that you can keep your stock secure and your facility safe for employees.

  • Temperature and 
humidity sensor
    Temperature and humidity sensor

    Ensure the perfect storage conditions for your stock. Our sensors can accurately measure temperatures from -40°C to 55°C and relative humidity up to 80%.

  • Leak detection sensor
    Leak detection sensor

    iFings uses highly sensitive leak detection sensors that will alert you as soon as a leak is detected.

  • Diesel level sensor
    Diesel level sensor

    Quickly and easily monitor your generators' diesel levels with our diesel level sensor. All you have to do is set up alerts on the iFings mobile and web platforms, install our smart diesel caps, and iFings will let you know when generators need to be refuelled.

  • Contact sensor
    Contact sensor

    Our contact sensors are easy to install and even easier to use. Monitor up to four* doors in your facility to ensure unauthorised access is limited.

    *Dependent on a cable length of up to 2 metres.
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