Manage all aspects of the dairy supply chain —from the milking room to dairy processing, packaging and distribution.

What we can help with

  • Comfortable cows
    Comfortable cows

    Ensure your cows are comfortable during the milking process by monitoring the temperature in milking rooms.

  • Prevent leaks
    Prevent leaks

    Leaks in tanks can lead to devastating losses. Detect and attend to leaks quickly and efficiently.

  • Prevent milk spoilage
    Prevent milk spoilage

    Maintaining a consistent cold chain is imperative in the dairy industry, and any deviations could quickly lead to spoiled milk. Monitor the temperature and power status of tanks so that you can act immediately if something should go wrong before it can affect your bottom line.

  • Reduce shrinkage
    Reduce shrinkage

    Production facilities are susceptible to petty theft, and dairy is no exception. Monitor a range of safety aspects at your dairy plant, from human movement in restricted areas to product shrinkage on the production line.

  • Optimise stock 
    Optimise stock classification

    Our product classification solutions classify stock on the production line effortlessly, even when multiple stock-keeping units are moving along the production line—enabling you to know exactly how much stock you have on hand for each stock-keeping unit.

  • Automatic water top-ups
    Automatic water top-ups

    To maximise dairy production, cows need constant access to drinking water. We’ll ensure your troughs never run dry by topping them up automatically.

How it works

  • Temperature and 
humidity sensor
    Temperature and humidity sensor

    Our temperature and humidity sensors enable you to measure temperatures from -40°C to 55°C so that you can rest assured knowing your milk is kept cold and fresh.

  • Leak detection sensor
    Leak detection sensor

    No more worrying about leaks in troughs or tanks. iFings’ leak detection sensor uses the latest technology to detect even small leaks before they can turn into expensive disasters.

  • Smart plug
    Smart plug

    Our smart plugs will monitor the status of your dairy processing equipment and alert you if essential machinery is turned off.

  • Water level sensor
    Water level sensor

    Our water level sensors accurately measure water levels in troughs and perform automatic top-ups by integrating with float switches.

  • Product recognition and counting technology
    Product recognition and counting technology

    Optimise your inventory management with our IoT solutions that accurately count and classify every stock-keeping unit on your production line through the latest image recognition and counting technology.

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