Prevent food spoilage , monitor appliance health and increase stock counting accuracy in your bakery with iFings.

What we can help with

Improve inventory management

Count and classify the baked goods on your production line effortlessly with iFings. Our stock counting and classification solution uses barcode detection to let you know how many products are produced per stock-keeping unit so that you can increase order fulfilment, reduce inventory gaps and eliminate human error.

  • Prevent food spoilage
    Prevent food spoilage

    Baked goods can quickly turn mouldy if the correct temperature and humidity are not maintained. We’ll alert you in real time if any unusual temperature and humidity changes are detected so that you can rectify the problem before it affects your stock.

  • Ensure optimal food quality
    Ensure optimal food quality

    Monitor and control the temperature in your ovens and appliances and detect temperature deviations immediately to ensure perfectly baked goods.

  • Improve security
    Improve security

    Prevent theft and quickly respond to suspicious movement in restricted areas with iFings’ easy-to-use sensors.

  • Reduce energy consumption
    Reduce energy consumption

    Monitor your electricity usage by setting up a customised schedule to remotely switch appliances, equipment, and lights on or off, helping you reduce your bakery’s carbon footprint.

How it works

  • Temperature and humidity sensor
    Temperature and humidity sensor

    iFings’ temperature and humidity sensor enables you to monitor temperatures as low as -40◦C to 55◦C and relative humidity up to 100% within your bakery to ensure your baked goods don’t go stale.

  • High-temperature sensor
    High-temperature sensor

    iFings’ high-temperature sensors are robust and waterproof, enabling you to measure short-term temperatures of up to 450℃ and long-term temperatures of up to 400℃ in liquids.

  • Motion sensor
    Motion sensor

    Our motion sensors use passive infrared technology to detect human movement at distances of up to 12 m.

  • Smart plug
    Smart plug

    Easily track the power consumption of any device in your bakery with the iFings smart plug. Simply connect your appliance, receive real-time power consumption statistics and turn devices on or off remotely.

  • Product counting and classification
    Product counting and classification

    Our stock counting and classification solutions use advanced barcode detection technology to count and identify the products moving down your production line, enabling you to pull inventory statistics into your ERP system effortlessly.

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