Compliance is paramount in the pharmaceutical industry. We can help you maintain compliance by monitoring cold storage, detecting fridge breakdowns early, controlling access to scheduled substances and optimising inventory management.

What we can help with

Monitor fridge health

Some medicines and vaccines need to remain cold to prevent degradation. Know when fridges start developing mechanical issues, doors are left open or temperatures exceed safe limits so that you can take pre-emptive control.

  • Automate stock counting
    Automate stock counting

    You don’t need to capture stock counts manually—we’ll recognise, count and classify stock automatically to improve production efficiency and stock accuracy in your facility.

  • Keep medicine safe
    Keep medicine safe

    Medicine can become unstable and unsafe when exposed to humidity and light. Maintain safe medicine storage conditions and respond as soon as environmental conditions fall outside safe limits.

  • Increase productivity
    Increase productivity

    iFings will alert you when backup generators stop working. Knowing when these issues occur allows you to take immediate action before it can cause irreversible damage to your cold chain.

  • Secure scheduled medicines
    Secure scheduled medicines

    Restrict access to areas where scheduled medicines are kept. You’ll be notified as soon as suspicious movement is detected or doors are opened in restricted areas.

  • Increase energy efficiency
    Increase energy efficiency

    Optimise energy usage by consistently maintaining optimal temperature and humidity in your facility so that you don’t need to use more electricity than necessary.

  • Ensure compliance
    Ensure compliance

    Temperature readings are taken every 5 minutes and stored in a secure database so that you can pull historical reports for compliance purposes.

How it works

  • Temperature and 
humidity sensor
    Temperature and humidity sensor

    Our highly sensitive environmental management devices will let you know before temperature and humidity deviations can cause your medicines to degrade.

  • Product recognition and 
counting technology
    Product recognition and counting technology

    Our IoT solutions count every stock-keeping unit on your pharmaceutical production line so that you can optimise your inventory management.

  • Motion sensor
    Motion sensor

    Prevent unauthorised access in restricted areas by receiving an alert whenever human movement is detected.

  • Contact sensor
    Contact sensor

    Our sensors enable you to monitor up to four doors in your facility to ensure unauthorised access is limited.

  • Vibration sensor
    Vibration sensor

    Appliances such as refrigerators create vibration, and changes to vibration patterns could indicate mechanical issues. iFings vibration-sensing technology helps you monitor the status of your appliances and machines and will alert you as soon as vibrational changes suggest impending equipment failure.

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