Cold Storage

Prevent spoilage and degradation of temperature-sensitive products and increase efficiency on the production line with the latest product counting and recognition technology.

What we can help with

Receive alerts when doors are left open

We'll let you know the moment cooler or fridge doors are left open anywhere in your cold chain.

  • Improve safety
    Improve safety

    To remain compliant and keep your facility safe, you need to account for human intervention at every stage of the cold chain, which is why our sensors will let you know whenever human movement is detected in restricted areas or at odd times.

  • Prevent spoilage
    Prevent spoilage

    When the correct temperature and humidity ranges are not kept, it can lead to mould, bacterial growth and spoilage. Monitor the temperature and humidity in your cold chain and be notified as soon as these fall outside safe limits.

  • Monitor equipment 
    Monitor equipment health

    iFings will alert you when backup generators stop working. Knowing when these issues occur allows you to take immediate action before it can cause irreversible damage to your cold chain.

  • Generate compliance 
    Generate compliance reports

    iFings records temperature readings every 5 minutes and stores the data in a secure database so you can pull historical reports for compliance and audit purposes at any time.

  • Improve inventory 
    Improve inventory management

    Never run out of cold storage space again. Our product counting solutions will provide you with an accurate product count to ensure there is enough cold storage space available for the number of products produced.

  • Increase energy 
    Increase energy efficiency

    Optimise energy usage by maintaining consistent temperature and humidity in your facility so that you don’t use more electricity than necessary.

How it works

  • Temperature and 
humidity sensor
    Temperature and humidity sensor

    Our range of temperature and humidity sensors enables you to accurately measure temperatures as low as -40°C.

  • Motion sensor
    Motion sensor

    Our motion-sensing devices will help increase security in your cold storage areas by alerting you when human movement is detected in restricted areas or at unusual times of the day.

  • Contact sensor
    Contact sensor

    With our contact sensors, you can measure the status of up to four* doors in your cold storage facility with one sensor.

    *Dependent on a cable length of up to 2 metres.
  • Stock counting
    Stock counting

    We’ll help you stay on top of supply and demand by counting and classifying stock on your cold chain production line so that inventory management is a breeze.

  • Vibration sensor
    Vibration sensor

    Heavy machinery such as generators create vibration, and changes to vibration patterns could indicate mechanical issues. iFings vibration-sensing technology helps you monitor the status of your machines and will alert you as soon as vibrational changes suggest impending equipment failure.

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