Whether you need to control the environmental conditions in your chicken houses or require a reliable solution to count the eggs in your production facility, iFings has got you covered.

What we can help with

No stray chickens

Enclosures that are left open can cause chickens to stray, where they will be exposed to the elements. Know immediately when chicken houses are left open so that you can protect your flock.

  • Accurate egg counting
    Accurate egg counting

    Accurately count the number of egg cartons and boxes passing through the production line so that inventory management is a breeze.

  • Automate water filling
    Automate water filling

    Gone are the days of worrying if your birds have enough water. iFings senses the water level and will automatically top up troughs when needed.

  • Improve animal welfare 
and productivity
    Improve animal welfare and productivity

    Environmental changes can significantly impact chicks, broilers and brooders and may affect their productivity and growth. Monitor the temperature, humidity and availability of water to ensure your birds are comfortable and have their every need met.

  • Reduce theft
    Reduce theft

    You shouldn’t have to worry about the security of your chicken houses. We will let you know as soon as movement is detected in restricted areas or doors are opened so that you can take action against unauthorised access before it can lead to costly losses.

How it works

  • Product counting
    Product counting

    Our innovative solutions provide you with a transparent view of your production output by counting and classifying stock on the production line.

  • Temperature and 
humidity sensor
    Temperature and humidity sensor

    We’ll help ensure that your chickens’ environment is comfortable and conducive to optimal production and growth by sensing the temperature and humidity.

  • Water level sensor
    Water level sensor

    By combining contact sensors with float switches, we can effectively and reliably measure water levels in troughs.

  • Contact sensor
    Contact sensor

    With our contact sensors, you can monitor access at up to four entry points in your chicken house.

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