Let iFings help you monitor your farm’s safety, crops, livestock living conditions and silos from anywhere.

What we can help with

Automated irrigation

Irrigate your crops at the click of a button. We put you in complete control of when to water your plants, how often and for how long.

  • Optimise animal comfort
    Optimise animal comfort

    Monitor the temperature and humidity in barns and indoor enclosures to optimise livestock production and ensure your animals are always comfortable.

  • Automated trough top-ups
    Automated trough top-ups

    Ensure your animals will always have fresh water. Our devices sense the water level in troughs and perform automatic water top-ups when needed.

  • Reduce theft
    Reduce theft

    You shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your farm. We’ll alert you as soon as movement is detected in restricted areas or when gates are opened so that you can take action before it can lead to costly losses.

  • Detect leaks
    Detect leaks

    When leaks go undetected, it could lead to the loss of precious water and affect your ability to water crops and provide livestock with drinking water. Detect the presence of leaks in troughs, pump rooms and more.

  • Healthy greenhouse crops
    Healthy greenhouse crops

    The presence of mould and fungus in greenhouses can be deadly for your plants and usually indicates excessive humidity levels. We’ll notify you immediately when greenhouses become too humid before it can affect your crops.

  • Prevent equipment failure
    Prevent equipment failure

    Broken-down pumps, irrigation systems and implements can have a devastating effect on farming operations. Receive an alert as soon as your equipment breaks down so that you can intervene before it can affect your crops and livestock.

  • No stray livestock
    No stray livestock

    Unsecured enclosures can cause livestock to stray. We’ll let you know the moment gates in animal enclosures are left open.

  • Receive diesel level alerts
    Receive diesel level alerts

    Never run out of diesel again. We help you check the diesel levels of your generators, tractors and combines remotely, wherever you are.

How it works

  • Temperature and 
humidity sensor
    Temperature and humidity sensor

    Our temperature and humidity sensors enable you to measure temperatures from -40°C to 55°C and relative humidity up to 80% so that you know exactly what the conditions in your greenhouses and enclosures are.

  • Motion sensor
    Motion sensor

    Monitor any indoor building on your farm for human movement with our passive infrared motion sensors, which can detect human movement at distances of up to 12 m.

  • Contact sensor
    Contact sensor

    Our easy-to-install contact sensors use magnets to monitor the status of windows, gates or doors so that you know when these entryways are opened.

  • Vibration sensor
    Vibration sensor

    By monitoring the vibrations generated when equipment is running, iFings will detect when implements stop working.

  • Leak detection sensor
    Leak detection sensor

    Using highly sensitive leak detection cables, our sensors will alert you to even the smallest of leaks before they can affect other vital aspects of your farm.

  • Diesel level sensor
    Diesel level sensor

    Diesel level monitoring is simple with iFings. Simply replace the diesel cap with our IoT-enabled sensor, and you can monitor diesel levels on any machinery at any time, at your convenience.

  • Water pressure sensor
    Water pressure sensor

    iFings’ water pressure sensors detect the pressure in water pipes and will quickly let you know if the water pressure is low.

  • Smart plug
    Smart plug

    Switch any device on your farm on or off remotely and monitor its power consumption to reduce costs.

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