Know the state of your cargo wherever it is in the logistics chain. Our devices enable you to monitor inventory, optimise environmental storage conditions and keep track of diesel and energy consumption to make your business as efficient and profitable as possible.

What we can help with

  • Optimise storage conditions
    Optimise storage conditions

    By monitoring the temperature and humidity in your storage areas, iFings can help ensure the perfect environmental conditions for even the most sensitive consignments.

  • Improve security
    Improve security

    Quickly respond to suspicious movement in restricted areas of your facility with iFings’ easy-to-use sensors.

  • Monitor diesel levels remotely
    Monitor diesel levels remotely

    iFings enables you to monitor the diesel levels of your fleet remotely so that you can track fuel consumption effortlessly and intelligently.

  • Reduce theft
    Reduce theft

    Count and classify the goods leaving your picking and dispatch lines with iFings. By reconciling the cargo count in your picking and dispatch areas, iFings enables you to eliminate theft.

How it works

  • Temperature and humidity sensor
    Temperature and humidity sensor

    With the iFings range of temperature and humidity sensors, you can monitor temperatures as low as -40◦C to 55◦C and relative humidity of up to 100% to ensure the perfect environmental conditions for even the most sensitive packages.

  • Contact sensor
    Contact sensor

    Each of our contact sensors uses magnet technology to monitor the open/close status of up to four doors and windows in cargo-holding areas.

  • Diesel level sensor
    Diesel level sensor

    iFings’ simple-to-use smart diesel sensor enables you to monitor the diesel levels of any vehicle, generator or machinery on your premises. Simply replace the diesel cap with our IoT-enabled sensor, and you’re good to go.

  • Motion sensor
    Motion sensor

    Our motion sensors use passive infrared technology to detect human movement at distances of up to 12 m.

  • Product counting and classification
    Product counting and classification

    Our stock counting and classification solutions use advanced barcode detection technology to count and identify the products moving between areas in your facility so that you can calculate stock picked for delivery versus the actual amount of stock dispatched—eliminating theft.

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